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Please I'm waiting for the 2nd part of Max Helyer imagine ..

It’s up :o

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Oh So Scandalous Final Part

A/N- HOLLA! A badly written final part as requested and I promise the next imagine I write will be and Austin Carlile imagine, and for all you YMAS fans out there you should read my YMAS fanfic. This isn’t exactly like the request but its close.

You roll over for the hundredth time and strangle the pillow that’s squished between your legs. Another loud holler comes from the living room making you throw your duvet over your head. After few more rounds of cheering you reach over and check the time on your phone. The brightness of the phone gave you an immediate headache. 


To the people who chose to stay up all night that wasn’t late at all but you liked your sleep and treasured every second of it; and the You Me at Six boys were keeping you from your precious sleep. Making a beastly noise Chewbacca would be proud of you roll out of bed and pull on a pair of sweat pants. You stomp down the dark hallway towards the living room while trying not to run into any walls.   When you round the corner to the living room your met with four boys all standing up, two with PBR’s in their hands while the other two had controllers. Your patience reaching a boiling point you stomp over to Josh and position yourself right in front of him.

"Josh, you guys need to shut the fuck up or they need to leave! I have to work tomorrow so I need my sleep." You glare up at him.

Josh doesn’t take his eyes off the fake soccer game on the TV and places his hand on your waist to acknowledge you “Yeah, yeah sure babe, afte’ this ga- YAY! NICE ONE DAN!” He shouts right in your face.

You take a step back and jump when something crunch’s beneath your bare foot. You look down and see a potato chip in crumbles, and its not til you glance around do you realize there’s chips everywhere. You clench your jaw and exhale deeply, you need to get out of this room before you have a meltdown. You push your way past Dan towards the balcony, by the sounds of all the Boo’s you guessed you probably messed him up.

You threw the sliding glass door open then slammed it back shut. You just about to shout angrily towards the moon when you noticed a dark figure leaning against the railing. You could see the person messing with a lighter in their right hand while pulling a cigarette away from their mouth with the other. You knew then it was Max.

You walk up beside him and join him against the railing. Max was a chill guy, you were sure if anyone could calm you down it was him.

"You’re up late." He mumbled while smoke flowed out of his nose.

"You guys can get pretty loud when you’re together."

"Yeah, sorry about tha’." In the dim light of the moon you could see the smirk on his face. He flicked the lighter on momentarily lighting up his face and his arms.

You looked at him a moment, just observing. In the dark the tattoos on his arms just looked like black shapes on his arm, and his eyes looks impossibly dark. His thumb flicked the end of the cigarette to rid it of the ashes that had build up, he looked down at the cigarette in his hands examining it like he just realized smoking wasn’t a good idea. He had yet to chance a look at you.

"Can I get a drag?" You asked suddenly holding out your hand.

He finally looked at you and pushed a his eyebrows together, but giving you the cigarette anyways. “I didn’t know you smoked?”

You put the cigarette to your lips and couldn’t help but think about how Max’s lips were on it just moments before. You inhaled and the familiar taste of smoke filled your mouth and flooded your lungs. You held it in for a moment before letting it escape.

"I don’t anymore. Now, I feel sinful." You laughed.

"There’s nothing wrong with feelin’ sinful." He smiled gently back.

You were thankful for the darkness cause Max would have seen your blush otherwise. Silence falls between the two of you once again. You slide closer to him so your shoulders are touching then wearily rest your head on his shoulders. You yawn loudly then hand the cigarette back to him. Instead of taking back the cigarette, which would have been the appropriate thing to do, he cupped the back of your hand in his then with his other hand(which no longer had the lighter) he traced the veins on your wrist. You two were standing flush against each other, his breath was sliding across your cheek.

"I’ve always though’ blood an’ veins were cool. I’m not sure why though. Maybe it’s jus’ the idea of even when your dead an’ forgotten a piece o’ you still lives in your descendants, you know?" You remained quiet thinking about what he just said and watching his thumb massage circles into your wrist.

He chuckled quietly “That might not make much since but it did in my mind.”

"No, I get what your trying to say." You shake your head and look up at him.

He looked back down at you and your noses brushed together. He leaned forward and united your lips. It was simple and sweet yet it held so much meaning. He shifted your position so your back was pressed against the railing and sucked gently on your lip. The cigarette that was dangling in your hand dropped to the ground below the balcony. Your hands came up to the back of his head and yanked off his beanie so you could feel his hair against your palms. His kiss got more urgent as he cupped your cheek and kissed you heavily. The railing was digging into your back but you could careless right now.

Suddenly Max pulled away and placed his forehead against yours, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Josh might not always treat you with respect but he does really care for you. You mean a lot to everybody in tha’ band… to some more then others."

He put some space between the two of you much to your displeasure. He gazed up at the stars before continuing.

"I really like you, Y/N. I think that’s kinda plain to see now an’ if you stay with Josh I completely understand but I just couldn’t walk around with this confession weighing on me any longer. I just want to know whats going through your mind…"

Nothing. Your mind was completely blank. What were you supposed to think?

That stuff that happened at the club, you didn’t think it meant anything; you thought it was just a ‘in the moment’ kinda thing. Unfortunately, the kiss from several seconds ago was definitely not just a ‘in the moment’ thing.

You lean forward on the railing on and run your hands over your face, the headache from earlier returning. You couldn’t deny that there was something between you and Max… but there was something marvelous between you and Josh too. Your stomach was knotted tightly and you were so confused. What ever made you think having an affair would be sex? They were confusing and in the end would just hurt everyone.

But there was one glaring thought in your head. The choice that would save the most hearts and spare the band the most drama. The only problem was no matter who you chose you would still end up hurt.


"I know I put you in a bad position but I jus’ need to know."

"I… I-I’m sorry, Max… but I can’t leave Josh."

Max clenched his jaw and looked at his feet.

"Please, Max you have to understand. I like you too, but if I left Josh, who’ve I’ve been with for two years, just to start dating his band member that would just cause you two to argue which would create drama for the band. I’m looking out for everyone here."

You lifted your hand and placed it on the back of Max’s head, gently scratching the back of his head.

"I think deep down we both knew this couldn’t happen." You whispered.

"I understan’. You’re probably righ’."

The door slide open behind you and Josh popped his head out, a couple empty beers in hand. “Hey, babe I told em to leave an’ I cleaned up the living room so you can come back in now, oh and Max you’re gonna need to leave now my bird needs her beauty sleep.” He winks at you before returning inside.

You smiled at the disappearing figure of Josh. You look back too Max guilty filling your gut. But this was for the best and you knew that. You leaned forward gingerly kissed Max’s cheek, uttering one last ‘sorry’. You walked back to the door fully intending too go back to sleep but Max’s tired voice stopped you. You turned around to see a worn out and sad Max looking at you.

"This is gonna sound cheesey as fuck, but… I’ll wait for you." His voice cracks but he recovers quickly. He tugs his beanie back on as he continues to look at you, his mouse like eyes large and red.

You weren’t sure what to say so you smiled warmly at him before stepping inside and sliding the door shut between you. Thanking your lucky stars that the window was tinted so he couldn’t see the tears staining your cheeks.


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So my friend just suggested me this blog and we're waiting for the 2nd part of 'oh so scandalous' please do it for us :) btw amazing job.

I think that was the fourth request so that’s means part 2 is coming up! I promise i’ll post it soon and thank you!


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Please do part 2 for Max Helyer imagine! <3 Btw you guys are great xx

I just need one more request and i’ll do the second part

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Do you have a masterlist? If so, can you post the link for it?

I’m assuming this is what you mean, only a couple of the newest imagines aren’t on here

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Do you think you might be able to do an Austin Carlile imagine, it doesn't matter what about, just something

Yup, I’ll work on a Austin one next

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Hey I was wondering of you guys ever did the final part to the danny and ben one and if you guys did could you send me a link to it?
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I was the one who requested the last Max Helyer imagine, it's so good really. Please please do part 2. Guys if you read it ask her for the second part too :)

Since you obviously really want it I’ll think about it xD


relationship goals


relationship goals

Oh So Scandalous Part 1



A/N- So i’m not too proud of this but whatever. I had a lot written so I just decided to make like two parts(I’ll do part 2 if requested by at least five people). Like I said I’ll be getting more stuff out because its basically summer now I only have an exam on Monday then one Tuesday afternoon and I’m free!

"Baby, I love this song! Com’n let’s go dance!" You tug on Josh’s(your boyfriend) arm as Miami 2 Ibiza by Swedish House Mafia started thumping through the large speakers on the club ceiling. Josh downed another shot, shaking his head and scrunching up his face due to the bitter drink. Josh started to follow you but was stopped by Matt shouting at him.

"Josh! Where you goin’? I though’ we were gonna see who could drink four shots faster, mate!" He shouted over the music.

Josh, being one to never turn down a challenge, turned back around towards the bar. “I’ll dance with you afte’ I drink Matt unde’ the bar.”

"The song will be over by then!"

Josh either didn’t hear you over the loud song or just ignored you. Realizing you weren’t gonna get to dance anytime soon you leaned back against the bar while Josh ordered more shots. As expected, the song ended and you remained leaning on the bar as it came and went.

"Fuck! I think Imma be sick!" Josh shouted covering his mouth, and running off towards the bathroom.

You contemplated going to help him out but you were a bit pissed at him and didn’t want to be around him. You wanted to party. Josh promised you a nice night out full of dancing and drinking but he had managed to almost completely abandon you since you stepped out of the house.

The rest of the band was slowly wandering off, most of them being pulled off by a pretty girl.

You were standing alone at the bar now for some scuzzy lounge lizard to try and make a move on you. Great.

You jumped when suddenly someone’s hand landed on your ass and gave it a firm squeeze. You yelp in surprise and spin around. Your met with a guy with a stained white shirt sneering at you. You noticed he had a gold tooth and his hair looked greasy and shiny like he hadn’t showered in a month. Don’t even get you started on the stench he was giving off.

You smacked his hand that was still resting on your ass. He faked a pout and looked you over slowly.

"What’s a beautiful thing like you doing all by yourself." He reached out and grabbed your hip, pulling you into his sweaty chest.

"Get off! I have a fucking boyfriend perv!" You smack his chest but it just makes him holder you harder.

"Well, I don’t see him anywhere. You wouldn’t lie to me, now would you Kitten?" He growled in your ear.

You were actually starting to get kinda scared of the creepy guy. His arm kept tightening around your waist, you were pushing against his chest frantically but it wasn’t helping. The sickening stench wafting off of him was starting to make you feel queasy.

"Oi, fucker! Get off my bird before I pound your fuckin’ face in, twit!"

Max came up beside you and shoved him off of you before wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you to his side. The man was knocked backwards into the bar causing a couple drinks to fall over. He righted himself then took a couple steps towards Max.

"And who da fuck are you?" He spit in his face.

"I’m her boyfriend, you wanker!" Max let go of you and grabbed the mans neck, pinning him to the bar top.

"Now, if I were you I’d clear off." Max growled in his face, his finger pointed threateningly at him.

"Bite your arm off!" The guy hissed at him.

Without hesitation Max winded back and brought his fist down onto the mans face. You heard a sickening crack and a howl from the guy then saw a stream of crimson blood pour from his nose. Max’s face was pulled into a scowl and the intensity in his face frightened you a little. You came up behind Max and placed a hand on his shoulder. He whipped his head around and his face softened once he saw it was you. He turned back to the guy, “Get lost, you knob.” and threw him onto the floor.

You got a look at his face before he scrambled off, his nose had been bent in an awkward angle and blood was pouring over his lips down his chin. Max watched the guy leave, making sure he was out of sight before turning to you.

"You okay, Y/N?" He frowned at you.

"Oh, yeah! I’m splendid!" You chuckled humorlessly, motioning for the bartender to bring you a drink.

Max sat down on the barstool next to you and placed a hand on your back rubbing comforting circles.

"Some night this has been." You mumbled taking a large gulp from your drink, "You shouldn’t have punched that guy, Max. It could’ve turned into one of those huge ugly bar fights."

"Yeah, well I didn’ like how he was eyein’ your knockers so what else was I suppose’ to do."

You laughed a little which made Max smile warmly. “Where’s Josh?” He asked taking a sip of your drink.

"In the bathroom puking up everything he’s had to eat today."

"Do you wan’ me to take you home?"

"No, I should wait for him."

Some song by Adventure Club come on and you began nodding to your head. You could feel Max’s eyes on you so you turned to him and mouthed the few words in the song to him. He smiled and stood up holding out his hand. You noticed how his dark eyes looked black in the dim lights of the club.

You took his hand and he led you out to the middle of the dance floor. He kept a reasonable distance between you and him, making sure not to get to close. You didn’t try to grind on him or act sexy like you would with Josh, you both just danced and acted stupid. Max would spin you around or dip you down, neither one of you cared if you look stupid you were too busy laughing and just having plain fun.

Max began trying to twerk and you shook your chest, nearly falling over in a fit of laughter at the weird looks you two were getting. Someone behind you pushed you and Max stood up and caught you. You were still in hysterics as you rested your forehead against his chin leaned on his chest. You felt the low rumbles deep in his chest as he laughed too. You pulled your head back and looked up at him. A tear fell from the corner of your eye from laughing so hard and reached up to brush it away.

You rested your head on his shoulder as you started to contain yourself and he pulled you closer to him. You two just stood there, in the mist of a bunch of dancing couple you just stood there in each others embrace. You scooted your head closer to his neck and brushed your lips on his neck. You felt his neck muscles tense under your lips.

You both knew if anyone in the band caught you two like this it would probably look pretty bad, but that’s what you loved about the situation. It felt dirty and wrong. The idea of having an affair with one of Josh’s band mates was just plain scandalous, you couldn’t help but think how sexy it was.

You let your tongue peek out from in between your lips and give his neck a small lick. As Max’s confidence in the situation grew his hands moved down to just below your ass and pressed your hips against his crotch. You moved you head beside his ear and licked the crown of his ear before giving it a light feather kiss. You pushed your hips against his feeling his cock begin to harden. God, this was so hot.

You reached down and grabbed his cock and begin to jerk him off through his pants to get him harder. He felt thicker than Josh but it could have just been the two layers between your hand and his cock. He groaned and grabbed your hair tightly and tilted your head so he could bit down on your neck. You whimpered and rolled your hips against him.

"Get a room!" Someone shouted and you just then remembered you two were in public.

You opened your eyes and if you hadn’t seen Chris looking around you probably would have kept going. You stepped back and looked at Max, his eye were darker in a sense and his chest was heaving. Chris came up beside you guys and slapped a hand on Max’s back.

"We shoul’ head out Matt and Josh aren’t doin’ too well!"

Serves him right for leaving me you thought.

"Whoa, mate, where’d that come from?" Chris motioned down towards Max’s raging hard on.

"I was dancing with a pretty girl. Let’s go I’m tired." He turned and walked off with a serious, and slightly angry, look on his face.   You and Chris exchanged confused looks and followed him.



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Dear truly amazing followers,

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A/N- Wow, I haven’t been on in forever and I’m sorry but guess what school is almost out and I’ll be writing a lot more then. Please tell me if there are any mistakes in this cause I know there are cause I wrote this kinda quickly. Also I have a new Supernatural blog and it would mean a lot if you follow it and I’ll most likely follow you back on my personal account, I can’t link stuff on my computer which is stupid but it’s


You sat quietly in the corner of the worn out bar booth observing all the drunken chaos going on around you. You drew circles on to the side of your sweating beer, closely watching your boyfriend Oliver talk quietly with some girl. You looked away when they both started laughing, the girl flashing perfectly aligned teeth and two adorable dimples. She was beautiful to say the least. A wave of sadness and jealousy washed over your body. Why couldn’t you be that stunning? What made you so unlucky? Why wasn’t I allowed to be a pretty as her?

"Y/N, you wanna another beer?" Someone in your group of friends asked.

"Um no, thank you though." You replied, it appeared you, Oliver and the girl were the only sober ones.

You glanced back up at the two. She was closely examining the feather tattoo on the side of his head. She trailed a light finger down the side of his face then moved her dark eyes to his. A grin spread against both of their faces. You couldn’t blame Oli for being completely captured by the vixen, if you were a guy you probably would have been too.  She had the look of innocence but she was obliviously anything but.

"Lets play some pool!" Someone hollered from the edge of the booth.

"Com’n Oli! I haven’t played Pool in forever!" the girl exclaimed with a breezy voice.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him from the booth heading towards the pool tables. She grabbed a pool stick while someone set up the balls in a triangular formation. She bent over the edge of the table and lined it up with the tip of the triangle. She moved the stick easily back and forth in her fingers lining up her shot.

Oliver chuckled and shook his head. He walked around behind her and leaned over, blanketing his body over hers. He positioned her arms how he saw fit. The girl, making it quite obvious, pushed her bottom back against his crotch, he returned the pressure by pushing her lower against the edge of the pool table.

You squeezed your beer tightly half hoping it would break. How could he do this right in front of you? Did he really hate dating you that much he felt like he needed to cheat on you right in front of you?

Being the last one in the booth since everyone was playing pool you slide out easily. You walked quickly towards the door. You were not gonna just sit there and be made to watch Oliver grind on some girl. You pushed the doors open angrily and turned down the alley beside the bar. You faltered a bit when you saw two bodies smashed up against the brick wall engaged in a intense make out session. You kept walking just wanting to get to your car.

As you got closer you recognized the mans longer hair, and the feather tattoo on the side of his head. Your eyes started to blur with tears and your face contorted as the tears began to multiple. A loud sob popped out of your mouth, and Oliver and the girl separated. How had they gotten out here so quickly? They were just inside.

Oliver looked you over and smirked at your distressed state and the girl curled herself into his chest  more just staring at you.

"Is somethin’ wrong, dear?" He smile widened at you.

"I… why? Why, Oliver?" You cry, trying your hardest to contain yourself.

"God, you’re even uglier when you cry." He wrinkles his nose in disgust, rubbing the back of the girl curled up against him.

A squeak of surprise left your mouth and you quickly smacked your hand over your mouth as more tears started to stream down your face. How could he be so cruel? What happened to the thoughtful Oli you knew so well?

Olver gave you a fake pout and tilted his head at you. “You can’t really believe tha’ we would last or tha’ I actually loved you. Love, I do have standards.”

You squeezed your eyes shuts and tried to block him out and pretend this wasn’t happening but how could you, Oliver was feet away from you.

"You know, I can’t help but feel sorry for you. I mean who could ever love you. Look at wha’ you have ta’ compete with." He smiled down to the girl in his arms. "You’re jus’ a waste of space really. You’re just here ta’ make every otha’ girl feel better about themselves. They look at you an’ think ‘Wow, at least I’m not her.’ It’s not just your face that’s screwed up you’ve got ta’ be one of th’ most annoying people I have ever met."

"Shut up. Shut up!" You cried.

"Oh don’t tell me I’m hurtin’ you’re feelings." Oliver chuckled wickedly.

"Shut the fuck up!" You screamed at him.


You’re eyes burst open and your face was wet with tears and sweat. Oliver’s sound snores came from behind you. All the covers were thrown off of you and you were burning up. It was just a dream, it wasn’t real. It sure felt really though, and the pain that was eating at you was definitely really. You scrunched up your face as another tear streaked down your face.

You slid out of the bed and tiptoed to the bathroom, Oliver only rolling over. You switched on the light and opened the cabinets under the sink. You felt around the roof of the cabinet til you felt something taped to the top, you pulled it off. You looked down at the razor that laid in your hand looking completely harmless yet deadly at the same time.

The little object scared you to be honest, it was small but it could take away so much pain and give it which gave it a lot of power. You rolled it over in your palm a couple times. You had told Oliver you would stop, and you had, but you kept the razor… just in case. You gripped the top of the razor and pressed the sharped end against the clear smooth skin under your scar. You breathed heavily and began crying as you pressed down and quickly swiped the blade across your skin.

The once  un-tainted skin would now be forever scarred and that mad you angry, sad, and satisfied. You bit down on your bottom lip tasting your salty tears as the dark red blood pearled on the gash on your arm and spilled over the edges of the cut and rolled along your skin and onto the bathroom floor.

"Y/N?" Oliver knocked on the door.

You gasped not expecting the interruption. “Yeah, go back to bed I’ll be there in a moment.” Your voice cracked as you quickly taped the razor back to the cabinet and put a wad of toilet paper on the cut.

"Y/N, I’m gonna come in."

"No no, I’m okay Oli just go to sleep." You began to cry again, you didn’t want him to see you like this.

You completely forgot to lock the door so Oliver pushed it open and peeked through. His eyes widened and he threw the door open at the sight of the blood stained toilet paper against your arm. He grabbed a towel from above the toilet and replaced the toilet paper.

"I’m s-sorry. I-I’m so sorry." You sobbed looking up at him.

He pulled a first aid kite out from one of the drawers under the sink, “Baby, It’s okay. Don’t apologize. Every things gonna be okay. I’m here now.” He soothed while wrapping gauze around your arm.

"No. No, it’s not okay. You deserve someone better than me. Someone whose not a suicidal freak."

He finishes tapping the gauze around your arm and pulls you into his arms. You grip his shirt tightly and cry into his chest. “Y/N, jus’ stop. Stop righ’ there. You’re one of tha’ smartest, sweetest people I have ever met. You’re nice t’ everyone cause you can’t stand tha’ thought of anyone else goin’ through what you go through an’ I love that about you. Most people think about themselves but you think of everyone else before yourself.” He pulls away and lifts your chin so your looking at him.

"Do you realize how hard it is t’ find someone like tha’? Someone tha’ caring? It’s nearly impossible, so why would I ever give that up. Your hardships make you tha’ much beautiful. You go through so much shit an’ somehow still keep it together and deal with my grumpy arse, you’re so strong and it’s amazing. I look a’ you an’ wish I could be as determined an’ wonderful as you. Tons of girls throw themselves a’ me everyday an’ I chose you, don’t you see if I didn’t think you were prefect for me I wouldn’t have asked you to date me?"

You sniffled and let a small smile cross your face. Here was that loving Oli you know so well.

"What I’m tryin’ to say is if you ever left I would be a mess. A total fuckin mess."

He leaned down pressed a gentle kiss on your lips then one on your forehead. “Come on, lets get back to bed.” He slowly led you back to bed.

You climbed back under the covers and he went back to the bathroom. You heard the creak of the cabinet doors open and close then the flushing of the toilet. Oli crept back into the bedroom and climbed back in behind you and kissed the back of your neck. He rubbed your side and whispered “It’s okay, baby. I’m here. Everythin’ will be okay.” over and over until you fell asleep.